so ima say random shit..

none of it will make sense to you

but it will to me

but first

clear your mind for a minute

let it be open

truly open

forget everything you know

(religion, society, philosophy, life)




forget about me and what I’m saying

just read and apply it to yourself

otherwise reading is pointless


now come back

as days go on

I’m realizing more, and more that we don’t know anything

everything we do is for this life and not the next

let’s go to school so we can have a good career

let’s have a good career so we can make good money

let’s make good money so we can provide for ourselves our family, and the world

let’s collect amazing experiences with our friends and family

let’s feel the feelings of happiness, joy, and fulfillment 

let’s travel, make good relationships, find love, laugh a little and be happy

let’s grow each day so we can serve humanity in a more meaningful way

let’s live out our dreams and inspire others

let’s leave this world a better place


let us not do anything

let us do whatever we want

let us leave this world as it was 

let us be free and not bound to an idea or lifestyle

let us be ourselves and each other

let us be anything

let us travel the world on foot even if that’s all we ever do

let us care less 

let us be alone

let us be sad 

let us be afraid 

let us be amazing and live out our dreams 

while not giving a fuck about anything

let us be rich and famous 

without showing our face

let life go on without us 

let the world do what it’s done for all eternity

let life unfold as it should

.. sigh

see .. i told you it wouldn’t make sense