it’s almost this unspoken understanding we share..

we’ve come to know ourselves so deeply.. 

these kinds of connections, truly, only happen a hand full of times throughout ones life.. 

and in our own lives, it’s almost like we don’t have to say much, or do much to understand the moment.. 

you know.. lately I haven’t been wanting to go outside, more than ever, because of how it feels out there.. 

This past week or so I’ve been out, more than this entire year. And when I was out in society, going to stores, driving around, connecting with others, it just doesn’t feel as bright anymore. 

It’s almost like there is this, low… low low energy and aura around the world. It’s like the world is collectively on the same frequency.

What bothers me, and I know it shouldn’t, is how no one seems to realize what’s actually going on.

We are so detached from the source and ourselves, it’s creating this new reality. 

It sucks because, I can’t speak this way with normal people.. they don’t have a sense of understanding..

they usually all feel or think the same way, conform and obey, or believe what they hear or see..

It’s almost like no one is truly extracting meaning from oneself..

They see things based off information they’ve acquired from another.. 

but true knowledge and wisdom is from oneself, not the outside.. 

Hmm, you know.. It’s not like I really talk to anyone about things or like i’ve been told how to see the world..

its not like I talk to others about how the world currently is or like I constantly listen to people and believe them.. 

but by simply looking from a distance at how things are, I can understand what is.

I’m just with myself 99% of the time, so I am aware of me, my own body, my experience, my path, my mind, my spirit, my perspective, my karma, etc. 

because of this, I use the understanding I have of myself as a reference to help me better understand the world.. 

Sometimes, I feel like I’m alone in this way..

You know, it’s funny.. I remember on tiktok, there would be soo many viral videos talking about spiritual awakenings with tens of thousands of comments.. everyone sharing ideas and feeling great in that moment.. On instagram i’d see a bunch of posts with little paragraphs talking about spirituality, karma, success, “woke” things whether it’s about society or life..

I deeply wonder, do they truly have an understanding of this.. or do they just love the information itself.. does the information just make them feel good.. 

Were they reminded of this information. Did they have an “Aha” moment. Did this spark curiosity, did it make them feel a sense of emptiness inside.. (being that this already exists within us and we just have to sit still for a moment and let it come to us).

Or did they get all excited and uplifted? Did they take a moment to truly sit with the information and knowledge, or did they just scroll to the next video? 

I don’t know.. It’s strange.. Sometimes I feel as though I’m living too much within myself.. I extract deeper meaning from life and my own experiences..

Here’s a metaphor I just thought of.. for example, watching a movie or tv show..

It’s like getting sooo caught up in it you forget it isn’t real.. you get lost in the story, develop a connection with the characters and never really look past the fact that it isn’t real..

versus, truly getting lost in the film, letting it consume you, while realizing it’s all make believe.. they are only actors.. behind the camera is a director telling them what to do and where to be.. trying to understand the writer behind the entire film and what he must have experienced to make such a film.. and then relating it back to yourself..

The first one, you simply see it for what it is.. there isn’t anything wrong with this. It’s simply a basic level of understanding..

The second one, you extract meaning from within yourself to help you better understand it.. not only to see things as they are, but to have a deeper internal understanding of what actually is.. even if that’s not how it was intended to be understood.. 

And this can only be achieved by returning back to oneself, being still for only a moment and letting it come on its own.. 

don’t force anything..<3 

i do feel the world is becoming more aware of itself.. which is good 🙂