let’s be honest.. none of us know why we’re here..

we’re just doin’ shit.. you think you know.. but you don’t.. if you just sit with yourself.. look around.. listen to the sounds.. breathe slowly.. you’ll realize that this is all a big ‘wtf.’

happiness is just a feeling we experience.. idk why I should focus so much on being happy and fulfilled.. all these are feelings that probably don’t even exist outside of myself.. but idk.. you probably know more than me and that’s okay.. 

sadness is cool though.. for some reason I like it more.. probably because when I’m sad, being happy feeling that much better.. it’s a high.. so I purposely do things that make me sad even when it hurts those around me, or hurts myself.. 

it’s not a good thing – I know .. 

now my mind is just rambling on but yeah..

I remember I watched this UFC fight.. McGregor vs Khabib I think.. It was one of the biggest fights ever. Millions and millions of people tuning in from all over the world to watch these two souls brutalize each other.. 

anyways.. I think I was high that night.. or maybe it was another fight.. anyways.. point is 

I remember being so stoned, I could feel everyone watching.. I remember having so much anxiety during that fight.. I could feel the millions of souls glued to their screens just watching.. we were all so zoned out.. idk and I remember the camera was zoom out to show the entire stadium and wow it was crazy.. 

anyways.. after closing the laptop.. it felt weird.. the fight was done.. that moment had passed.. it didn’t exist anymore.. we will never experience it again.. we all just took.. 


its fucking stupid.. 

who gives a fuck.. 

I don’t know anything.