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some days i fucking love you other days i hate you
think that i should leave you but right now i need you thought you was the only one i went out and met someone gave you everything you want my excuse is being young
i love the way you think try not to overthink
i put that on what i love put that on everything lets make believe
that we’ll never leave
freestyling i’m on my beat
no i won’t do that shit again
but you don’t understand
how it makes me feel
does wanting something real make me crazy no, now how can i save you if i can’t save me love you my lady
and i’m so sorry
wish i could
be so much more to you
i’m not, i know this, i noticed
girl i fucking hate this
spent all night faded
laying in bed naked
don’t know if i’ll make it, oh no
cos i don’t why i’m faded look at my eyes can’t find somebody like me, no no no find somebody like me, yeah yeah yeah
i don’t know what i did
to live this life i live
he won’t love you like i did
so many things i know
you do it all for show
nobody has to know, girl that’s alright and that’s okay, don’t you wait, girl that’s alright
that’s alright