there’s nothing really to say


i love music.. have no life.. barely any friends.. love making money.. been watching more movies than i should.. a dream of mine is too own 100 acres of land in the middle of nowhere.. a condo in puerto rico.. and an apartment in brooklyn looking over the brooklyn bridge (60 waters).. but yeah.. just here tired.. 

hmm.. i make music.. i have no life.. i love making money.. i love thinking about deep shit.. i have a hard time being around people.. they trip me out.. or i trip myself out when i’m around them.. it’s 3:03am as i write this.. idk.. but anyways thank you for connecting with me…

you know.. i don’t think i’ll ever be truly happy.. i mean sure i have moments where i experience happy feelings, good vibes, and all around peace and fulfillment.. but it always goes away.. and i think the majority of the world is that way.. but most of them distract themselves with work, tv, netflix, facebook, tiktok, sex, music, drugs, food, friends, etc..

if i had one wish… well that would suck.. id rather have more than one.. but if i truly only had one.. id wish everyone in the entire world would just chill the fuck out.. all sit down together and just chill.. let go of everything.. and realize that we are all temporarily here to experience and enjoy life – whatever that means to you.. and slow the fuck down.. and stop being so attach to things.. and stop thinking all the time.. and stop desiring things.. and stop talking and fucking listen.. stop bothering each other.. just chill the fuck out .. if i had one wish i wish everyone would chill the fuck out.. 

i’ll have to re-write this.. later because it doesn’t make any sense..

thanks for reading